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Writings by Edward Patrick Kranz (Ezju) about fine art created with coffee. You will find detailed information on Ezju’s works created at No Such Animal Studios and information about other artists who use coffee as a medium.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Coffee Art NYC

Andy and Angel who call themselves collectively as The Coffee Artists™ (they've even gone as far as trademarking this moniker) have several videos on YouTube. This one in-particular caught my attention.

Quotation from their Youtube information:

“The Coffee Artists™ are pleased to present to you their latest Coffee Art® achievement. It is a long story, but here are the highlights. Last summer, they were approached by a public relations firm whose clients were interested in their Coffee Art®. These two clients happen to be Starbucks and Hershey's. The two companies were planning on producing a line of chocolates, truffles and other fine tasting morsels and they were looking for a unique and exciting way to launch their product. This short film shows the creation of these paintings for this exhibition in NYC. “

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