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Writings by Edward Patrick Kranz (Ezju) about fine art created with coffee. You will find detailed information on Ezju’s works created at No Such Animal Studios and information about other artists who use coffee as a medium.

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Friday, January 09, 2009 - coffee, art, coffee anyone?

Washington, DC Metro Arts forum is hosting a fun little contest or mini-event. The information and link to there forum is listed below. Given my chosen medium and subject matter this fits right up my ally!

I've reposted the information below. You can find the original article posted here . . .

We’re curious. Have you ever made art out of coffee based materials. If you haven’t, we’d like to see what you can create. Call it a challenge. No prize or real reason, other than the fact that we think creativity is cool. If you think creativity is interesting, make some art out of coffee based materials, beans, grinds, coffee machines, or something, and reply with images here:

We’re not looking for images of people drinking coffee, but actual art made with coffee.

Further, we’d like to hear more about art made from recycled materials, if you work in recycled materials, please do post about it on the forum, or send me a message about it at



I did go to the ARTDC link above and registered with the forum in hopes of uploading some of my coffee painting images. Alas I'm still waiting for my e-mail confirmation allowing me access to the forum. Poot! I hate waiting! I'll keep you posted on how long it takes and when my work will be up.

Some of the images on the forum didn't fit the ask for parameters but fell into the coffee motif. A couple images did what they asked . . .

Comment by the artist:
"One of my thousands of unfinished/"gestating" pieces, made with a lot of coffee and coffe grounds as well as tereyaki sauce, whiskey, pastel, watercolor, and arcylic on a lithograph on rice paper."

Comment by the artist:
"not sure if this will count - but i wasn't happy with the stark whiteness of the cheesecloth i used for this piece. so i took my used coffee grounds, some tea, and worcestershire sauce, to give it a bit of color (i wanted to use natural!)"

Once I get the e-mail confirmation I'll upload some images like these!

The Morning News

Open Mic Night (at the Cafe)

. . . at the Cafe

Late Night Drip

Child of Seattle

For more images like these and information on Ezju the Seattle based coffee artist please visit his Website at

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Blogger JesseCohen said...

Great coffee work. Did you ever get your account activated? If not, let me know, I'd love to see more of your coffee work! Great ideas!


5:06 PM  

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