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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kay Bloom – Full Time Coffee Painter!

Something that caught my eye while reading about Kay Bloom is that she lists her occupation as “full time coffee painter.” This is something that has eluded me for some time now. I'm very impressed that she is able to make a living at painting with coffee.
After coming across Kay Bloom's video on YouTube I made a visit to her MySpace page – to learn more about this artist. Kay keeps an impressive collection of images ranging from coffee related subject matter to iconic portraits to ethnic history.

From Kay Bloom's MySpace Page
KAY's Blurbs – About Me: 
“I started entering art contests at the age of 9 despite my mothers disapproval. I entered several contests and won first place. I finally told my mother at the age of 15 I had been competing in art contests but before she could get angry I showed her all the money that I had won. We had very little money at the time and I had made enough money to buy the extra things that we needed. From that point on my mother was very supportive of me spending time practicing my art and entering contests.”

“I like creating art with many mediums charcoal, acrylic, pastel, pencil, and my favorite coffee. I started experimenting painting with coffee at the age of 20. As a kid I had helped my grandfather pick and dry coffee. Once I was in college I had so little money that I need to experiment with alternative mediums. Coffee was a perfect choice of paint. The oil in the coffee help to give the paintings a shine and textured look. I think the coffee gives my paintings a renaissance feel and accentuates the sole of my subject matter.”

Check out this coffee artist and enjoy her work! I hope she keeps up the great work!  All images posted in this article are copyright by the artist Kay Bloom.

More Info on Coffee Painting
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