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Writings by Edward Patrick Kranz (Ezju) about fine art created with coffee. You will find detailed information on Ezju’s works created at No Such Animal Studios and information about other artists who use coffee as a medium.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beta 1 of No Such Animal Studios 2006

Finally! The Beta 1 site has been launched for the new and improved No Such Animal Studios! The old site has been up since 2004 and looks like it. Almost 3 years of neglect has taken its toll not to mention I was just tired of looking at it!

What does the new Web site featuring Ezju, Coffee Culture Paintings, the rest of his fine art and a much more than before complete design portfolio offer the world? Well if the aforementioned list isn’t enough the easy navigation, clean scanable text, and more art than ever.

Two sections of the site are not in place until Saturday, August 12 but the rest of the site is up and running. There are a few bugs to work out though related to the CSS and text rendering but I should fix that pronto. The two sections not up yet are links off of the Press Room and my design portfolio.

Any thoughts or comments on the new site are appriciated!

In addition to the Coffee Culture – American Lifestyle, Coffeesscapes and Coffee Stains the new version has the Barista Foam Art (En Caustic) Gallery added with room to grow!

Other galleries not related to coffee are watercolors, oils, inks, and en caustics though the latter only has en caustic & coffee paintings in it at the moment . . . but soon . . .

My daughter has a gallery page all to her self and we will upload some new paintings by her in the coming weeks.

If there is anything you needed to know about Edward Patrick Kranz better known as Ezju you can read his bio, artist statements, fine art resume, graphic design resume, or his CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Other information you’ll find on the site is upcoming exhibits as well as a history of past shows. The upcoming exhibits are updated as soon as a new show is scheduled so you’ll always know where to find Ezju and his artwork. See you soon!

The current and future projects page outlines what to expect from Ezju and No Such Animal Studios. The next project is an animation/series based on the characters in Jana Colbey’s fine art paintings.

As soon as the beta for the site is finished I will be adding in a store for your favorite Coffee Culture merchandise like Ezju’s paintings on tumbled Torreon stone coffee coasters and mugs as well as prints and calendars. For now Ezju keeps a store at that you can visit for coffee mugs and calendars!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Coffee Corporation - Ryan L. Lewis

Watch out! There is a new artist who paints with coffee on the block and his work is fun and full of caffeinated energy!

I came across this entry in the blog

Again, even with the same medium (coffee) as the rest of the artists featured and mentioned in Coffee Talk, Ryan’s subject matter and style is very different than the others. I will be contacting Ryan in the next few days to invite him to next years Arfé 2007 - The International Coffee Artists Exhibition in Seattle, WA and hopeful interview him for a posting here in Coffee Talk.

You should check out his coffee work at The Coffee Corporation as well as his other works at

“The artist Ryan L. Lewis, a native of Florida now residing in Wilmington North
Carolina has branched out from his usual painting style to create an
style of paintings & sculpture using raw coffee as a medium.
Most of his
works tend to depict coffee cups interacting in

"human" situations. Also Ryan
continues his work on an upcoming audio CD
release, an audio experience based on
the making of, the drinking of and the
enjoyment of coffee laced with ambient
sounds & field recordings. His
work is available for commission work and his
works are currently for sale.”

Contact Ryan L. Lewis (910) 612-1357 or by E-mail:

Ezju at Adobe U Coffee Painting Show Update!

The new and final ( I hope) dates for Ezju’s Coffee Culture and Barista Latte Art Coffee Painting show at the Seattle Adobe University Art Gallery is September 15th, 2006 through November 17th, 2006.

The artist reception will be held on September 15th from 3pm – 5pm.

I hope to see you there!


Coffee On The Wall - Amita and Mira Chudasama - Check this out!

I’ve mentioned Amita and Mira Chudasama before but this time I have to shout. Check this out! I’ve included several images from their web site but please take a look at what they have going on over in India!

Their subject matter is as diverse as it is beautiful.
Buddha to butterflies.
Tigers, music and woman.
Dogs to dance.
What ever they choose to paint you get a real feel for passion and culture that they live in.
Rich Texture.
Beautiful action lines.
I can almost tast their work.

Coffee On The Wall - coffee paintings exhibition is held by Amita and Mira Chudasama at Road No - 1, Kauveri Hills, Hi Tech City, Hyderabad - AP India.

This is unique & creative coffee art show ever held in India. Art lovers and media appreciated this unique coffee art show.

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"Coffee is an interesting medium to create art. Questioning people who view the
work are amazed that the artwork is painted entirely in coffee. We work
entirely in coffee - there are no additives, it's 100% pure coffee. Painting in
coffee is a refreshing break from my work in oils, water colors, and other

"Coffee is a fascinating medium to form art. It is quite
successful experiment using Coffee to get the old-look effect in your painting.
It is all about using pure coffee, water and your brush. Coffee painting
produces everlasting shining. The coffee-on-canvas paintings resemble
antique sepia effect. Painting with coffee helps you to get the old-look effect."