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Writings by Edward Patrick Kranz (Ezju) about fine art created with coffee. You will find detailed information on Ezju’s works created at No Such Animal Studios and information about other artists who use coffee as a medium.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

My hat is off - No Shyness here!

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve made an entry! Glad to be back! My family just moved into a new house and No Such Animal Studios is in the process of moving too so I’ve been a busy boy. I’ve been off line for a bit but now the internet is up and running in the new studio space so it’s time to catch up!

I’m working on a new Media & Design Company which also serves as an independent artist’s online magazine called Ph’Kaki Entertainment. You should check it out if you have a moment!

Enough about me . . . Mira & Amita Chudasama have been very busy with their coffee art! Check out the new work on their Blog »

Shyness »

Dal Lake »

Aged Eyes »

All three pieces are very expressive, beautiful, and continue giving a glimpse into these extraordinary woman’s lives and culture. I feel that the Chudasama sisters work and subject matter are among the most important of all the coffee artists to date. My hat is off to the two of them!

Mira & Amita are working on a new name and logo for their Art Gallery. Take a look at their Blog posting, The Art Of Coffee Painting By Amita - Mira Chudasama, on the new branding and leave comments for them in regards to this. Hey, while you’re at it leave some comments on there art work too!

The idea behind the name is endearing though I had some trouble at first discerning the “W” in waves. With a little redesign it would work.

“Rashmi means - “Ray of Light”. Actually this gallery name is derived from our sister’s name - Rashmi. She has always been lucky for us. So we wanted to start our art gallery with her name.”